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SAVE THE DATE! Fall 2015, Phoenix, AZ


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For all of those who participated in the SPS 2014 conference: Thank you!

The inaugural Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Showcase (SPS) was a huge success! Organizing and hosting a first-time meeting is exciting and energizing, but has an element of anxiety as well. Will people think the topic is important, will it work, will we have an audience, and will people want to come back next year? In the case of SPS, and thanks to so many people who contributed in so many ways, SPS succeeded in every way.

SPS was unique in its intent to bring together telemedicine service providers and users in a collaborative and interactive venue that provided the opportunity to learn from each other. Our speakers and panelists provided numerous insights and tips on how to succeed in this challenging and competitive healthcare environment by capitalizing on the power of telemedicine. Attendees covered the spectrum from C-suite power brokers, to entrepreneurs looking to become service or technology providers, to independent healthcare providers looking for the means and partners to integrate telemedicine into their practices.

SPS had incredible support from our corporate partners and we thank them for their participation in this exciting meeting—not only in the Expo Hall, but as speakers and active participants in the meeting. We thank those of you who attended and hope SPS provided you with some new tools, ideas, and partners for your future telemedicine endeavors. We also owe much gratitude to the dedicated team from the Arizona Telemedicine Program who helped organize, staff, and run the meeting in a smooth and efficient manner.

We hope you left feeling as inspired as we did, and we hope the SPS content (to be posted soon for SPS attendees) helps you find and build partnerships to enable or expand your telehealth services and improve patient care and outcomes in your community and healthcare enterprise. Thanks for taking the time to come, share your knowledge, and help us all shape the future of healthcare.

Your attendance is what made SPS 2014 a success. We value your participation and as we review SPS 2014 and begin planning for 2015, we invite you to contact us or respond to this brief survey. Tell us what we did right and where we can do better, and share your ideas for 2015.

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